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It may be that's what we all do with most things everyday. We often fail to see the value in people and in nature. We get so busy in our lives and we forget to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. But worse still, we have a tendency to forget about being positive. Too often we're focused on things like politics to the harm of others, and also ourselves. The negativity swirls around many of us like a tornado. It's unpleasant.

We've forgotten how to show mercy and forgive others. We somehow view forgiveness and compromise as weakness. In short, many of us are plain selfish and in the end that'll be costly for us all. It doesn't take much of a psychologist to understand that. On a personal level, I've made conscious efforts to fight against that in my own mind. It doesn't mean I don't explore the dark side of my thoughts and feelings. It means I work moderate those negative exploration (See below). In fact, exploring those negatives helps me fight against them. Often, it helps me bring about mindful resolution. And it'll help you too. Yet, if you and I give into the darkness too often and too much we could get consumed by it. No doubt, this is what I see happening in our society today.

Happy T-Shirts

So with that said, upLYFT™ Art & Apparel is a venue for positive creativity. The goal being to create positive designs. We need more happy t-shirts that will inspire and motivate people! In upLYFT™ designs I strive to make you feel good.

The Downturn

By contrast I've recently started DOWNTURN, aka DWNTRN. As the name implies this is my exploration of the more negative aspects of our lives. I intend to do this without going over-the-top. If anything, the goal would be to deal with unpleasant subjects in a thought-provoking way. So, the driving force isn't as much negative as it is analyzing these issues further. Allowing logic to dominate my emotional responses. With DWNTRN I strive to make you think with my thoughts. So, be sure to checkout my designs in the DWNTRN sub-line of products.

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