Free Speech George Washington

[If] freedom of Speech may be taken away—[then], dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter1.


upLYFT's Freedom of Speech artwork features a quote by America’s first President, George Washington. It’s a sad thing to see censorship and free speech violated in modern America. When the internet was young it was a bastion of free expression. Unfortunately, today we have groups who have decided what youcan see, hear, and read. These groups have a misguided notion that they must protect us. The danger, of course, are the erosion of free speech and expression altogether in the name of security.


We must heed President Washington’s words. Taking it as a call to defend each other’s rights to say and express our thoughts and feelings. That also means that we must defend expressions we find offensive. We should never rely on any government or corporations to censor information for us. We must self-censor the things we dislike. In other words, we mustn’t silence the undesirable but expose and counter it. We must make a stand against censorship or we all will end up dumb and silent. Because once our right to free speech is gone all freedoms will be gone for everyone. And there is not doubt we will all be like sheep to the slaughter should that happen.


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