Government Free Stuff

Government Free Stuff


You've probably heard the saying; "nothing is free."  The wisdom in that saying serves as a warning that there is always a motive behind free stuff.  Sometimes those motives come with good intentions.  However, more often than not, the motives come with bad intentions that don't have your best interest in mind.  This is especially true when it comes to corporate and/or government free stuff.  The corporate giveaways motives are usually obvious.  For a corporation it's a form of advertisement for their products or services.  Sometimes that corporation gives stuff away under the idea of "bait and switch."  That is usually understood and common knowledge that this is a corporation's end game. It’s not meant to excuse the be practice. The hook is easier to see and there is a better means of escape.


The government free stuff doesn't seem to work that way.  In fact, it seems there are more sinister motives that come into play when government is involved. Often a government giveaway of money or items results in excessive government oversight over you.  In short, it is all about POWER, a means to gain control your life.  A form of mental slavery that enslaves a body.  It’s not so much a "bait and switch" operation as it is "bait and hook." Once the receiver becomes reliant on the giver there is control. The government gives just enough to keep you coming back, just like a drug pusher.  


So what do governments gain?  As mentioned before the real end game is POWER over the people.  And sadly there are those in government that are intoxicated with that power. The other benefit to those in power is they gain your allegiance through addiction.  The government leaders get richer, keep you in poverty, making you their slave.  History has repeatedly proven this true in socialism and communism.  Which is why they fail.  However, make no mistake, it works in any government economic system. 


The Hooked on Free Stuff T-Shirt is a reminder to be watchful.  They will dangle the bait in front of us and many won’t see the hook and get caught.  Once caught in the system it is difficult to be break free but not impossible. In the end, the best defense is to assume there is a hook.  In other words, to avoid the hook refuse the bait! 

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